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Classes & Retreats

Reiki 1 Attunement-

Saturday, May 30. 11-7 pm, taught by Kharma Strong at Phoenix Rising Healing Arts, Guerneville.
A Reiki 1 Attunement will awaken the "Universal Life Force Energy" or healing energy, that is within each of us. During your Reiki 1 attunement, you will learn the history of Reiki and the philosophy of Reiki. You will learn how to treat yourself, others, plants and animals. You will also recieve and participate in group treatments. At the end you will take home a Reiki manual and certificate of completion. We also offer continuing Reiki share circles so that you can build your confidence and skill level, as well as meet others with the same interest. You will gain the skills to build your own Reiki practice. Please email,  $150 for the class, including a 1 hour REIKI treatment with one of the teachers prior to the class, a manual and certificate, delicious snacks and some take home fun supplies, a $50 deposit is requested to reserve your spot.


Reiki 2 Attunement-

Have you wanted to increase your Reiki skills? During a Reiki 2 Attunement the amount of Reiki energy will be doubled! You will learn three symbols to help increase your Reiki energy. You will also learn how to do long distance Reiki to better help heal people, animals, and the planet! This is a continuation of your learning during Reiki 1 and you will experience a 6 month emotional cleanse following this attunement. We will practice treatments, long distance healing, as well as teaching you exercises to prepare you for your Reiki 3. Delicious, nutritious snacks provided! $175

Reiki 3 Attunement-

TBA. Taught by Kharma, Emilie and Valerieat the  Center for Sacred Studies, Guerneville. During your Reiki 3 attuenment you will learn two more symbols used in passing Reiki attuenements to others. Your energy will also open fully to running the energy of Creator at all times. Reiki 3 initiates must be mindful of their thoughts as we are powerful co-creators and you will experience episodes of mainfestations happening faster than previous to the attuenment. You will learn how to pass attuenements to others and excercises to increase and balance your energy. This will certify you to become a Reiki teacher yourself if you wish. A more intensive, ongoing Reiki teacher support training is offered if desired. Ongoing training provided. Please email, with interest in attending $350

Adv. Reiki Training-6 week course- minimum of Reiki 1 attunement

his course is designed for students who would like to embody and incorporate a serious Reiki practice into their daily life. Exercises will include meditations, energy sensitivity and energy building exercises as well as self Reiki practice and more. This workshop will run for 6 weeks and will require independent home work assignments to be completed daily.  Students must commit to attending each week and doing the homework assignments for this to be a successful workshop. You will receive a certificate of completion for 25 additional hours of Reiki training. Available online, email if interested.

Adv. Reiki Training-Sensitivity - minimum of Reiki 1 attunement

Do you want to become more sensitve to feeling energy and how it flows and moves? Practice techniques to increase your daily energy sensitivities and build your confidence.

Adv. Reiki Training-Breathwork- minimum of Reiki 1 attunement

TBA. Do you want to expand your Reiki skills? Come learn how the simple power of breath can take your Reiki practice to a new level. This technique can be combined with a one hour Reiki treatment for deeper emotional work and release with your clients.

Adv. Reiki Training- Crystals- minimum of Reiki 1 attunement

TBA. 6-9 pm. Learn how to incorporate crystals into your Reiki practice. Learn how crystals have been used over time to envoke healing, from the bible to Atlantean. Learn different healing powers that crystals can bring to your treatments as well as how to cleanse them. Learn how to make crystal essences and take one home. Learn how to grid with crystals and charge them with Reiki so that you can provide constant long distance Reiki to a client or friend. $65~

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